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Social Worker's Handbook - Supervision

As an expression of our commitment to good practice we can offer arrangements for the regular supervision and assessment of Care Workers to facilitate their development and to ensure that they are better able to undertake their duties whilst on assignment.

Frequency of Supervision Meetings

All care workers will be offered supervision every 6 months, as a minimum, and more frequently should there be a requirement such as a training issue being raised or a complaint being made by a client or Service User.

Desirable outcomes of Supervision:

Both the Care Worker and the Social Care Consultant have a responsibility to ensure that supervision is both effective and meaningful. In this respect listed below are the reasonable expectations of both the Care Worker and the Social Care Consultant:

Expectations of the Care Worker being supervised:

Expectations of the Social Care Consultant:

Both the Care Worker and the Social Care Consultant will maintain full records of all supervision sessions, which will be signed. These records will be subject to the provisions of Eden Brown’s confidentiality policy.


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