Our approach

For us, it’s all about forging relationships and we’ve been doing just that for over 25 years now.  We have consultants who genuinely consult and that means not just looking at your brief, but thinking proactively about the mutual benefits of building a long term partnership with you and your organisation.

Why Eden Brown?

Talent:  Networking and word of mouth referrals are the main elements of our sourcing strategy and this is augmented by social media and other online channels. Our reputation for objective and honest career appraisal means we attract a breadth and quality of candidate unmatched by our competitors.

People: We know that you're looking for the best candidate, sourced quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, but we're also aware that you want to deal with an individual consultant who understands exactly what you do and how you do it. Like yourselves, our consultants are specialists in their field and so whether you are seeking experts in architecture, interior design, building services, construction, maintenance, surveying or engineering, you’ll find that we’ll be talking exactly the same language.

Partnership: Our aim is to be working for you, not just today or tomorrow but on a continuing basis. That means straightforward and honest advice about the market, about candidates, and about what is achievable. It means thoroughly understanding your culture as well as your strategic business goals. By seeing an assignment through to the end no matter how tough the brief is and by being a genuinely valuable consultancy you will want to forge a strong partnership with us.

Bespoke: Every company is different and every assignment is unique. That’s why at Eden Brown, there are no off-the-shelf solutions, just a bespoke, tailored service to ensure we all end up with a mutually successful result.

Ethics: As an equal opportunities employer we positively support diversity in the workplace and ensure that all individuals are assessed on their true capabilities taking into account their qualifications, experience, technical and inter personal skills, goals and ambitions. Creed, colour, gender, age, physical capability and sexual orientation are always regarded as superfluous considerations. We understand that any organisation’s workforce needs to reflect the diversity of its customer base and will always strive to help our clients achieve their goals ethically and with the utmost integrity.

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